The Pros And Cons Of Electrolysis
The Pros And Cons Of Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a method of removing hair. This can be done anywhere on the body except inside the ears and nose. Women usually undergo electrolysis in the bikini area, armpits, abdomen, chest, chin, eyebrows, and upper lips, but hair can also be removed from the toes, arms, forehead, buttocks, and legs. Electrolysis is also used by many men to remove unwanted hair from the eyebrows, cheekbones, neck, especially the shoulders and back. Electrolysis can be difficult because individual hair needs to be treated. Treatment involves inserting a needle under the skin by a trained doctor. Electric current passes through the hair follicles and is damaged

It is believed that during the Civil War, electronic hair removal (hair removal) experiments were already underway. Dr. Charles E. Michelle, himself an ophthalmologist, reported in 1875 in St. The Louis Clinical Register succeeded in the first successful permanent hair removal. Since then, electrolysis has become very popular.
Is electrolysis suitable for you?

Before making a decision, we need to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of electrolysis. What are the benefits of using electrolysis for permanent hair removal? Perhaps the number one reason to use electrolysis for hair removal is that it has the best performance history in terms of results. For over 125 years, professionals have safely and effectively removed hair. In fact, electrolysis is the only method approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for permanent hair removal. Some hair grows and may require additional treatment, but hair is usually thin and light. According to the survey, more than 90% of customers are satisfied with the results of electrolysis.

The advantages of electrolysis are great, but some minor drawbacks may discourage some people from doing so. One drawback is the associated cost. Electrolysis can be very expensive. The average cost of an hourly electrolysis session is typically between $ 50 and $ 60. However, keep in mind that each hair follicle must be treated individually during this one-hour session. Electrolysis sessions are often split into 15-minute, 30-minute, and 45-minute sessions, making them a little more affordable. You can also get a discount by purchasing a package of 2 hours or more. Hair cannot be permanently removed with a single treatment and requires additional treatment. The number of treatments required depends on many factors, including the hair growth cycle, heredity, hormonal function, and stress. The average cost of a complete treatment for your foot ranges from $ 1,000 to $ 3,000.

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