Creating An Effective Online Presence Part Two
Creating An Effective Online Presence Part Two

This month I would like to continue discussing how to create an effective online presence. Talk about writing a press release, I'm not promoting myself as an expert, but I've been a greedy student of this information for the past two years and paid a lot of what I learned I would like to share that in the hope of reducing the learning curve for you.
Press release

When launching a new product or service, I want to create a press release, but I want to link it to something of press value so that it doesn't look like an ad described as a press release. To do this, link your news or product offering to what is currently in the news.
In general, press releases should not exceed one page. Keep it concise, write in journalistic terms, and answer the basic principles of who, what, when, where, why, and how in the first paragraph. Pay attention to the facts and avoid the words of marketers. Please write to a third party. If applicable, please quote from the news article.
Create a compelling title in about 10 words that summarizes the release in an exciting way. Keep it concise, write in journalistic terms, and answer the basic principles of who, what, when, where, why, and how in the first paragraph. End the first paragraph with a "hook". This will allow the reader to read the details with interest, but it should also be relevant to the news editor.
If the editor needs to reduce the length of the release, write the rest of the press release first with the most important information so that the least important information is at the end of the release.
Please enter the release date at the top of the release or in the case of immediate release. Be sure to include your contact information (name, job title, address, phone number, fax, email, and website address).
There are three press release sites I recommend: http: //, http: //, http: // They have a free list, but if you want to increase your exposure and the chances that your pitch will be picked up by more places, you have to pay. For a fee, the version can also include hyperlinks that bring traffic (and search engines) back to your site. This is another way to increase traffic.

There are software programs and companies that use them that automatically register your site in hundreds of directories. For some unknown reason, search engines seem to be frowned upon by this type of activity. For some reason they have "intelligence" and can see when the same presentations were made in large numbers. That's why when you register your site with a search engine, you want to create about 10 different descriptions on your site and switch between those descriptions between different directories. is a great website that offers free search engine directory entries. Signed up for those who don't need reciprocal links.
If you can budget for some paid search directories, here are the recommended ones, listed from lowest to highest.

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