Yeast Infections In General And For Baby S Thrush And Mothers
Yeast Infections In General And For Baby S Thrush And Mothers

Traditional yeast / candida drugs with Nystatin are often unsuccessful. Antibiotics can increase sputum and yeast infections. We still want to cure our yeast infections and aphthae with drugs, without side effects, and successfully fight yeast / candida infections (thrush).

Thrush appears in the baby's mouth as small white spots and is difficult to remove. Thrush is often accompanied by a diaper rash. Having a baby and having a yeast / candida infection if you are breast-feeding or if the baby has germinated (yeast infection in the mouth) or your digestive system and / or yeast / candida infections in women are on the rise. There is a simple home test that you can do. Candida, yeast spit test. For more information, see yeast infection on my website.

Avoid sugar and white flour products. These ingredients are yeast feed and yeast / candied feed.

Add acidophilus and as kefir to restore good intestinal flora.

Stress prevention can weaken your immune system and infections have many changes that can be seen in your body.

Apply oregano oil to the baby's feet for children. If your nipples hurt, massage oregano oil into the nipples and take it 3-6 drops every 3-6 hours, depending on the severity of your infection, and don't forget to take acidophilus or kefir. Oregano oil is very strong and should be supplemented with friendly bacteria that grow in your gut.

For a diaper rash … try to keep the diaper on as much as possible and of course you can massage the lower part with Oregano oil.

A nice side effect of oregano oil is that it can make your breath smell like oregano, but it associates with people who eat pizza.

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