Canning Jar Candles
Canning Jar Candles

Candle making is a great hobby or business. Once you get it, the process is simple. For those with a matte foundation, try experimenting with the art of making hand-dipped candles. Although these beautiful creations take a lot of time, they are amazing. You can use multiple colors in each candle to give it a unique color scheme. You need basic tools to make hand-dipped candles. You already use most of them if you have experience with candle making. You need a lot of paraffin wax, a wick and a double boiler to melt.

Other tools include a wooden spoon, a bowl and a quality thermometer. The colors available for hand dipped candles are too numerous to mention. These colors come in a variety of forms, including cakes, chips, powder, or liquid. If you decide to add fragrance to your dipped candles, make sure it's a pure oil without water or alcohol.

You prepare the wax for hand-dipped candles in the same way as for regular candles. Let it continue until it reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Once this happens, reduce the heat to very low to keep the wax in liquid form. Add color to the wax, small amounts at a time, until you reach the desired color. If desired, add a small amount of flavoring to the mixture at this point. Use fragrance sparingly as you don't want to overdo it. Using too much fragrance can also cause the candle to not burn properly. Then cut the wick for your candles, keeping it longer than the desired height of the candle.

When making sets of candles, it is important to cut the wicks to the same length. You want to dip the wicks into the candle wax to make sure they are well packed. This is how you "build" your candle. After the wicks have cooled, submerge them again. Every time the candle gets bigger. if you want to belong to a number of different areas of candles of different colors, you can do it simply by having more than one color of wax ready to use. Once your candle is close to the desired thickness you want, shave it with a soft blade to give the tip a pointy look.

Dip the candles several times so that they have a smooth surface. Making hand-dipped candles is a great hobby or business. The process takes a long time, but the creations are beautiful. Learning how to make hand dipped candles can be difficult. This type of candle is not suitable for beginners to try to learn. They fail easily. To practice without wasting supplies, melt the wax from the candles you've built and use them over and over again until the process is perfect. To create specific designs for hand-dipped candles, consider purchasing the book. Most will provide you with beautiful color photos with detailed instructions on how to make each hand-dipped candle. You can also get different color cards to get the best color for your candles. The internet is also a great place to get color ideas for your dipped candles.

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